In 2021, we are seeking veterans, active duty service members, and/or family members to co-curate a digital exhibit that sheds light on families’ experiences of service. Veterans, service members, and family members are invited to submit an object, document, or other artifact that represents or is associate with their family’s experience of service. Photographs of objects and documents will be featured in the exhibit accompanied by participants’ written or oral narratives about the artifacts and their relationship to participants’ experiences. 

To participate, please contact Leah Falk ( with the subject line “Outside the Wire Exhibit” and attach a photograph of the object or document you would like to share (image size minimum 2000 x 12000). Leah will communicate with you about the accompanying narrative. If you already have something written about the object or document that you would like to share, you may attach it (.doc, .docx, .pdf, or Google Drive links only)  please limit written submissions to between 500-1000 words. 

Learn more about the project.  

Deadline: June 15, 2021.