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Cooper Street is for everyone, whether you’re just beginning to explore a genre or have been writing for years. Our workshops are taught by published and award-winning authors, seasoned teachers, and professional editors. Our instructors strive to create a comfortable, encouraging, and supportive classroom environment where writers of all backgrounds and skill-levels can improve their craft and share their work with others.

Making even more room.

The Writers House is pleased to announce that beginning Spring 2017, all Cooper Street workshops that enroll at least five paying participants will automatically award five scholarships to participants residing in the city of Camden. Please contact Leah Falk for information. 

Fall 2017 Workshops 

Using Typewriters to Bust Through Writers Block 

Instructor: Shanyn Fiske

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This workshop will use typewriters to 1) introduce participants to the “slow writing” movement; 2) explore how typewriters can enhance the creative process; and 3) offer unique strategies for overcoming writer’s block. Typewriters are gaining popularity with writers throughout the US and Europe. Writers have said that these once-obsolete machines help to release the flow of inspiration that is often stymied by modern technology. This workshop will introduce writers to a variety of manual typewriters, teach writers a bit about the mechanics and history of these machines, and then engage participants in a number of writing / typing exercises aimed at using slow writing and group stories to prime the creative pump. Intended for: high school students and older. 

Shanyn Fiske is an Associate Professor of English at Rutgers-Camden. Her areas of expertise include Victorian Literature and Classical Reception Studies. She directed the Writing Program at Rutgers for seven years and is currently involved in a number of community literacy initiatives within and beyond Rutgers. Typewriters play an essential role in her academic and creative writing, and she is in training to become a certified typewriter technician.

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