This year’s Outside the Wire program focuses on the impact of service on veterans’ families. As part of this program, in partnership with Warrior Writers, two virtual retreats invite veterans and/or military family members to participate in a menu of workshops that encourage reflection and self-care. 

Our second retreat, on June 19, will feature workshops on archival skills, visual art, writing, and wellness. Attend the full day or just one session. You will receive Zoom login information after registering. 


Generative Writing Workshop 

Instructors: Hugh Martin and Portia Simmons 

This workshop invites veterans and military family members to respond to writing prompts that address their experiences in service or after returning to civilian life, and to share work if they choose in a supportive environment. Led by experienced Warrior Writers facilitators. 

Mindfulness Workshop for Veterans

Instructor: David Garcia

This workshop will focus on mindfulness techniques that can aid participants in times of mental, physical, and/or emotional stress. 

David Garcia is the Area Coordinator for Student Affairs at Muhlenberg University. He earned his B.A. in English from Rutgers-Camden and M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution from Salisbury University. He is an Army veteran and served two tours with Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Visual Arts Workshop

Instructor: Donald Stephens 

This workshop will invite participants to create work inspired by their family and experience of service. No special materials are required other than a ballpoint pen or pencil, household items, and paper. 

Donald Stephens is an artist based in Burlington County, NJ. He works in various media, but has a passion for charcoal drawing. He has displayed work in various places in the Delaware Valley and Northern New Jersey. He holds a B.F.A. from Temple University Tyler School of the Arts; while earning his degree he simultaneously served a term in the Marine Corps as a Communicator. He is a prolific teacher of community arts workshops, having led classes for adults throughout Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. 

Archival Skills 

Instructor: Julie Still 

Displaying personal archival materials can take many forms: scrapbooks, shadowboxes, photobooks, personal and group websites, and commercial services. This session will focus on deciding what to display, who it is being displayed for, and how and where to display it.

Julie Still is a Reference Librarian and Collection Development Coordinator at Rutgers-Camden’s Robeson Library. She is also a military family member. 


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Date & Time
June 19, 2021
12:00 pm-6:00 pm

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